I used to be afraid to make music, but I’m not anymore

…and when I do feel scared, I can do it scared.

So far I’ve done two big music projects. The first was the #52WeeksProject, a song-a-week challenge with the honest intent of just starting somewhere…anywhere! These tracks were a return to singing when I found myself dissatisfied and burned out after spending a few years pursuing other stuff. I learned a few pivotal things during this project:

1. Done is better than perfect.
2. I had the capacity to finish projects.
3. I was intrigued with the process of making music.

So I followed it up and wrote The Ocean Shelf, my debut album. These songs did not come easy, but to me that’s what this project represents — diving off the ocean shelf and into the depths. It’s about being scared and doing it anyway. It’s about opening up wounds, healing and allowing yourself grace in the process of becoming the girl of your own dreams. There are a lot of moving parts in the pursuit of your dreams — I’m most interested in the approach.



Every part of this process is something I’ve never done before, and that’s something I want to make the most of. To me, the approach of music is more important than the genre, because in pursuing music I am pursuing myself with questions like: “what is catching my attention?” and “what is the most vulnerable I could possibly be right now?” I like pulling ideas and inspiration from everywhere in order to answer those questions, and on my blog you’ll find traces of a lot of those things; books, video games, travels, etc. Jon Foreman said he often writes songs like an oyster makes pearls — it actually begins with an irritant, and you’re forced to make a pearl around it. In this sense, I suppose I am easily irritated!

And with that said, maybe this is the universe my music belongs in — the universe of the easily irritated.