About the #52weeksproject

"i give away music because i want to make music, and i can't make music unless i make money, and i won't make any money unless i get heard, and i won't get heard unless i give away music." (jonathan coulton)

when i started my photography business at age 16, it was all i wanted to do. i was committed to building a photography empire, so that when i graduated high school i wouldn't have to go to college and i would have a built in career. but the more sessions i did, the more i realized that all i really wanted to do was sing. so i waited for the right project, one that would launch me into the right path to pursue music. that's when i stumbled across jonathan coulton's website.

i have no idea how i found him, seriously. here's an excerpt from his bio: "after leaving a perfectly good software career to pursue music full time, jonathan embarked on a bold experiment in forced-march creativity called 'thing a week', in which he recorded and published a new song every friday for a year." i thought, what a cool idea, to record and post a song every week!

the more i read, the more i was stirred. so i decided to take on this challenge myself, and have since dubbed it "the 52 weeks project". through all of the covers and arrangements and original songs i record this year, I hope to take one step deeper into my music journey.

song list: