week 2: kk bossa

Week two, and I'm already letting my nintendo show. I think I'm going to start releasing these every Wednesday, because Wednesdays need a little something to make them special.

Anyway! Here we are, on week number two! I could throw confetti and do a dance for all of you, you've been so supportive and encouraging right from the get go. A huge thank you to everyone who listened to, commented, and shared my first track last week!

This post is actually being published while I'm in Paris (what timing, that I would start a project the week before leaving the country...true Greta fashion)! I'll get to those comments as soon as I get home, for now though listen to the track and let me know what you think!

Major credit to Dr. Pez - VGM for the acoustic guitar + accordion accompaniment. Really, the background is so nice on its own I almost chose a different track entirely! And these lyrics are slightly tweaked from adrisauras' english translation of the original version.

This week I'm covering a song very dear to my heart. It's titled "K.K. Bossa", a track from Animal Crossing, one of my favorite videogame franchises. This might be mega dorky, but playing Animal Crossing has been therapeutic for me these last two years. I've made a lot of friends in the Animal Crossing community and this song has actually have been requested for a while now. Plus, the song itself is really easy listening and I wanted to do something completely different from last week. Please enjoy!