the 12 days of christmas: welcome to our world

This project was thrown off the mountaintop of responsibilities this past week, which was incredibly unfortunate and I am so sorry for those of you who checked back only to find no new songs! The good news is that I'm going to finish out December with the 12 days of Christmas! This week and next week, leading up to January 1st, where I'll go back to my normal one track per week.

This track features my own voice teacher Jen Rowan on piano! I won't get sappy but I just love her. Figuring out how to mic the piano was an interesting experience, let me tell you. We ended up trying a few different mic positions before settling with the final setup. There's a few hiccups along the way but I think that's okay, especially considering we had a last minute switch to GarageBand instead of ProTools.

I couldn't figure out what I was hearing in the piano track and at first I thought it was noise but I think it's actually the piano pedal being pressed and released! Anybody have a recommendation to fix this/approach recording differently next time? Let me know if you know.

Special thanks to Nora for handling the computer and listening to me sing this song ten times through her headphones...there's a producer in you!