the 12 days of christmas: sweet little jesus boy

"Didn't know You'd come to save us all
To take our sins away
Our eyes were blind we did not see
We didn't know who You were."
-Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Jesus Christ, the light of the world. What can I say about Him that hasn't already been said? I feel like I can't not write about Him, or this advent season. Advent means arrival. It means the ending or fulfillment of a season of waiting. In the context of the Nativity, it meant the arrival of a savior, the one who the people of God had been waiting for, who would be named Immanuel (God with Us). It was a quiet miracle of companionship in a time of silence from God. For me, December is always a month of great and wonderful expectation, when my heart is lifted and the year's troubles are washed away in the perspective of Jesus' birth and what that means for me, and for everyone.

It seems like December passes by much slower than it's previous months. I take my time to really see Jesus, and in turn see Him everywhere (maybe this is because I'm really looking, and those who seek Him always find Him?). Last Christmas I was discontented with where I was. I felt like I had no direction, like I was walking in small, stumbling steps feeling my way through the dark. I felt alone. My high school friends were gone, I hadn't made any new friends, I felt vulnerable, overlooked, inconsequential. It seems surreal to stand here just one year later with a purpose and rich friendships and daily tasks from the Lord. I am so happy to spend the final days of 2015 with watery eyes and and a softened heart as I consider the great moments I've been able to walk through this year.

I love singing this song, even with a completely stuffed nose. Singing around sickness is actually pretty fun, when you ignore the fact that you have to take a swig of water-with-thieves-oil every ten bars. Special thanks to Derek for guitar.