week 1: almost there

If you missed yesterday's post, definitely head back and read up on what this year is all about for me. Today I'm posting my very first song!

I have to say, this is weird for me to post my voice online. I'm a performer, I feel so much more comfortable live, on a stage, with a mic, giving the best performance I can, in the moment. Having my voice cemented and frozen in time is super bizarre, especially because I don't really watch/listen to myself perform.

But I'm committed. After a solid 2.5 hours of youtube videos, I managed to figure out how the heck to record in ProTools First (the program I'm using to record) and messed around enough to get you this first track: a cover of Almost There, from Princess and the Frog.

A couple of shoutouts: my friend and fellow aspiring singer/songwriter/producer Jessie Frazier polished up the track for me, and the fantastic piano accompaniment is by EdBallMusic on youtube!

It seems fitting that my first song is a Disney cover. Anika Noni Rose is my favorite. She wails and sparkles in everything she does, so here's my homage to her performance as Princess Tiana!

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of this first track, and please share to all of the social medias! It's really helpful and encouraging to have your support.

I was pretty happy with the kind words I received yesterday, here's to a good year!