week 15: smile and keep your head up

After so much time spent in the studio pushing and pushing for new songs, new sounds, trying to turn the corner in my production quality, I wanted to come into 2016 with something that felt like an exhale of all of December's stress (good stress, but stress nonetheless). As some of you know, I had a pretty nasty cold that lasted from the end of 2015 through the start of 2016.

It's a bit weird to be at week 15 already, and to be doing a folk song (if you had told 2015 Greta to do a folk song, she would have hit you...not because I don't love folk but because I don't love singing folk). This song is Smile And Keep Your Head Up by Us The Duo, a band that I really like but had never considered covering because I didn't think it suited my voice very much. I'm glad I got the chance, special thanks to Derek for providing the excellent guitar tracks.