week 19: misty

The song misty makes me misty. This photo from Paris makes me misty. Coffee with old friends makes me misty. Valentine's Day makes me misty. I first heard this song (misty, obviously) sung by The Real Group (listen to their version, it's so excellent) in choir class and fell in love instantly. It's this kind of vocal control that always pushes me to be a better singer. My sister and I have spent hours talking (read:fangirling) about The Real Group's high soprano and her total control. I guess we're vocal control freaks.

Derek's playing guitar, I'm singing the lead track and a little background stuff. We actually did it all in one take (on the second try, that is) and I really wanted to record the song as a whole and not cut and paste vocal parts, which is good because we did it so loosely it would have been difficult to cut together! I really love singing this song, I could sing it forever over and over again.

I really hope you like it, a very Happy Valentine's Day to you! Please share/like/leave a comment if you liked this week's track!