week 20: brave

None go with me
Still I'll follow
Through the joy
And through the sorrow


First I'd like to apologize for being so late! To be completely honest, I lost a bit of the drive that has been keeping the tracks coming on time, waited until the last minute to choose a song and record, and ultimately made the call to push it back further to let my sick throat recover and recorded a fresh vocal track this week instead. It's my plan to release week 21 on time, this week, so stay tuned for that!

I have an attachment to the songs I've performed, like I'm comfortable because we sang through nerves together, like we have a history. This week's song is originally by Moriah Peters, and my Dad and I wrote an arrangement last April for me to perform. I like to sing this song because for one, it sits so comfortably in my range, and two because I have that live attachment to it and it encourages me not to worry so much about what I sound like, but rather why I'm singing in the first place.

This track features my Dad Franz on acoustic guitar and my brother Sten on cajon. Figuring out the best way to mic a cajon was a challenge, and in the end I'm not entirely sure we got it right, but more elements are a challenge I'm looking forward to tackling these next months of the project!

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