week 24: paper hearts

I hate this part, paper hearts
And I’ll hold a piece of yours
Don’t think I would just forget about it

I'm honestly blown away by the talent and hustle of Tori Kelly. She is skilled, passionate, original, and stays true to her voice and I really really admire her for it. This week is easily the most polished track I've ever mixed, with the most going on. It was my first time playing around with backup vocals, which ended up being a very exciting new world for me!

I had a really good time working on this track, and it was definitely the most complicated track I've recorded yet. I want to take a second to say a huge thank you to anyone who keeps coming back to listen to these tracks, I'm starting to really feel proud of the mixes I put out, it makes me want to keep working hard, particularly as a producer and songwriter. I hope to continue making music worth listening to and I hope you'll continue to support me as an artist.

The song is Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly,
Vocals by myself,
Guitar by Derek Droogsma,