week 25: never gonna let you go

Baby, I am never gonna let you go.
Baby, I am telling everyone I know.
Though the storm may come or the wind they blow.
Baby, I am never gonna let you go

The band is back together again!! This week features myself, Derek, as well as Sten and Andrew (featured back in week 12) and I'm very happy to say we're so so so much better at producing (but still have a long long way to go) and this track was a blast!

For those of you wondering, we did a live setup, four mics on four different instruments. It was a little wonky, but the end result came out far better than anticipated! Remember to share/like/comment if you enjoyed it.

The song is Never Gonna Let You Go by Ben Rector,
vocals by myself,
guitar by Derek Droogsma,
bass guitar by Andrew Walls,
drums by Sten Nisswandt