week 26: the gospel changes everything

You made a way so I could come
Just as I am to You, My God

I've been out of town in sunny, hot, thunderstorming Boca Raton this past week and it was glorious. We landed back in cold, windy, 30 degree Minneapolis last night and all of my sunny smiles are gone, let me tell you. But maybe it's not totally gone because we're at 26 weeks, which means halfway! What even! What is this! I don't! Amazing! I've spent a lot of time this week sitting and thinking and reflecting on the past 26 weeks, and I even wrote a real blog post about it here!

But let's get back into this week's track. In light of Easter, I really wanted to do a worship song. It seems extra appropriate to do a song like this for the halfway point of a project like this, because without my faith in God I wouldn't have the courage to do something like this. This week's song is 100% dedicated to Jesus, because it took a lot of prayer before I recorded week 1.

The song is The Gospel Changes Everything by Meredith Andrews,
vocals by myself,
guitar by Franz Nisswandt