week 29: arms of my savior

There's no other place, That I'd rather be
than safe in the arms, the arms of my savior

Confession: I wasn't going to post this tonight. This track's got some issues, if I'm honest, it's not quite finished, we lost a fair amount of work accidentally while mixing and I still don't think I corrected everything that was erased...but regardless of all that, I feel like I should post what I have, even if it's incomplete.

From a producer standpoint: This song was really difficult to mix, and I don't know how to fix some of the problems. Vocals were particularly difficult, I was working on mixing at the end but couldn't even find some of the frequencies that were buzzing? I wasn't clipping so I don't really know how to go about reconciling some of those frequencies. I also went back and forth on where to put vocals in the mix. We had a lot of tracks and I kind of guessed on where to place things? Finding the pockets is proving difficult.

Word vomit aside, this is a song I love and a track that was really fun to work on. I hope to keep tinkering with it but I also want it out from under pressure so I'm posting it while it's not quite done. I hope you like how it's coming together anyway. It's easier to keep messing around when it's out in the open!

The song is Arms of My Savior by Lincoln Brewster
Guitar by Derek Droogsma,
Bass by Kenny Johnson
Drums by Sten Nisswandt
Vocals by myself