week 36: runaway

Nobody knows the trouble we've seen
Nobody knows the price of this dream
And nobody knows what it took to believe

Wow, you guys, this week. I've been wanting to do this song since I started the project, and I can remember listening and scratching my head because I just did not understand how to possibly go about recording it!!! But we made it happen this week, and I'm so so excited about how it turned out!! We had a lot of fun messing around with different ways to use the electric guitar tracks.

My sister Rayna even stopped to listen while I'm writing this to say "Wow, I'm very impressed with you." Which is like...the greatest compliment I've ever received from her. This is definitely one of those songs that I wish I could spend an entire month on, but alas, project rules.

Also, I dyed my hair pink this week. Which is amazing, and I love it so much.

This week's song is Runaway by Mat Kearney,
vocals by myself,
guitar by Derek,
cajon by Sten.