week 35: what love is this

You guys, I am absolutely fried. This has been one of the most draining weeks I've had yet this year, I am happy to wipe my hands of this track, not because the track was hard (it was really very easy), but because it represents this week and this week was hard. Regardless, I really do love this song, it's relaxing to sing and I hope you enjoy it!

I have quite a few things going on this summer, I'm working on a post with all of those updates and some vision I have for this blog, as we get closer and closer to the end of this project! I've been praying a lot about what to do after I complete 52 weeks of tracks, what to work on next, and I've got a couple of things on my radar. I'm trying not to get too excited and think too hard about what's next, because if there is anything I've learned so far it's that this whole journey is about the process, not the product, not looking forward, but looking here and now.

This is a very unique season for me.

This week's song is What Love is This by Kari Jobe,
Vocals by myself,
Performance track from iTunes.