week 41: the love of god

I know what you're thinking. Hey Greta, what gives? Anybody out there? Did you forget how to sing or something? I know, I know, I said a track a week, and I honestly meant a track a week, and yet here we are and it's been a month since I've posted a song. The truth is, I was tired. One week went by and I just didn't hustle. I got lazy. One week turned into two weeks, two weeks turned into a Tough Mudder/family wedding/cousin canoe trip three weeks, three weeks turned into I'm-so-behind-I-can't-even-catch-up four weeks. I let this project go further down on my list of priorities, until it wasn't on the list at all. And while I did have other things that urgently required my attention, I wasn't too busy to steal away to the studio for a few hours.

So to you, faithful listeners, I apologize. I'm sorry for letting you down, truly. I hope you will come back and stick with me to the end of this project. In addition to my weekly tracks going forward, I'm going to try and catch up on the last four weeks in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully my schedule and energy will allow me to do so.

This week(or rather, the week of July 11th...)'s track is The Love of God by Lincoln Brewster,
Vocals by myself,
Guitar by Derek